Sensei Gary Blundell (6th Dan)

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Sensei Blundell




Gary Blundell started training in Shotokan Karate in March 1975 at the Aaisatsu Club. He had always wanted to do something different, something more than just a sport. A friend of his trained - so he went to have a look and was hooked!

Sensei Blundell always says that karate has given him so much, many high and achievements, especially fond memories of Sensei Enoeda's special summer courses and training in Japan. However he is especially proud to be contributing to the achievements of the Aaisatsu Karate Club and the legacy of his Sensei, the late Jim Smith.

      "Karate is like boiling water; if you do not keep the flame high (continual training), it turns tepid." - Gichin Funakoshi.


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Aaisatsu Karate Club. North Gate Arena, Chester.