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Our Links:

If you would like to exchange links please email karatechester(at) with your site and a link to us. 


The Karate Union of Great Britain's website. It includes profiles of top UK Sensei such as Sensei Sherry, Sensei Poynton and Sensei Brennan.



Top quality gi company that is world renowned and based here in Chester. Kamae supplies gis to Aaisatsu.





Sendai Karate Club. Karate club taught by Sensei John James Bruce.


UK opening hours



Aaisatsu has joined Dojo Directís.... Dojo Directory!




Enso Martial Arts. Aaisatsu is listed on Enso Martial Art's Club Directory







"If karate is a language made up of combinations if movement, then punches, blocks, and kicks remain the basic alphabet on which this language is built." Yoko Ninomiya (Enshin Karate)

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Aaisatsu Karate Club. North Gate Arena, Chester.