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  Is anyone welcome to join?

Of course, please come down to one of our training sessions and try us out! Karate taught at Aaisatsu is suitable for children and adults, both male and female.

What should I wear?

Loose clothing like tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt. If you wish to continue then you may buy a white karate suit or 'gi' (we can sell you one or you are welcome to find your own).

Senseis Sherry (9th Dan) and O'Neill (8th Dan) gives pointers during kata Kanku Sho. Photo courtesy of D.Davies, taken at KUGB Summer Camp 2008 Lancaster.

Will I get hurt?

Many think that karate is about getting hit, however the emphasis of our karate incorporates control and restraint. Light and controlled contact is the only contact encouraged. This club is certainly not about beating each other up! It is about learning a martial art which includes etiquette and respect. Sparing is a part of our karate lessons however only once the pupil has the necessary skills to participate safely. Sparing is taught appropriate to grade and all lessons are taught with an emphasis on safety at Aaisatsu Shotokan Karate Club.

What are the costs of karate?

Compared to many activities karate is relatively cheap. The Aaisatsu Shotokan Club tries to keep costs as low as possible - we have always been a non-profit club. No direct debits, no hidden costs, and most of all no pressure! All that members need to pay for is the Licence (which is insurance to practice karate and is paid each year 27 for adults, 24 for children), the training session fee: Juniors 3.50 all sessions, Seniors 4.00 for Wednesday & Friday, Seniors 4.50 for Monday. - however we do have concessionary rates for the unemployed, students and families), and if you wish to grade you will need to purchase a karate gi (suit) which are reasonably priced (around 22 we have our logo embroidered on to high quality Kamae brand gis or you are welcome to find your own). Gis can last for many years if cared for. We also have a one off membership fee of 10 which lasts for life.

What are the benefits of karate?

Exercise can help you feel fitter and more flexible. Karate can also help you feel more confident and you are learning a new set of skills. Also club members are encouraged to grade if they wish. They are held regularly at the club and are a way of measuring ones progress and after which you gain a new coloured belt. Of course gradings are optional and Sensei will let you know when you are ready to take one. Karate is regarded as not only training your body but also your mind-and has many different and interesting kata (forms) to practice. There is also opportunity for the karate students at Aaisatsu to compete if they so wish. Karate can develop self confidence and many people find it a fun and interesting activity!

What if I have done karate before?

You are more than welcome to train with us, regardless of karate style, organisation or martial art. Come down to one of our training sessions and Sensei will advise you of the best class to come to where he can take a look at what you have done before.

Our style is Shotokan Karate with the Karate Union of Great Britain and you may 'grade-in' from other Shotokan organisations. Sensei will assess your karate, suggest which level class to attend and prepare you for your next grading with us, if you wish to grade with us. 

Your first session....

Feel free to watch one of our classes, or even take part, we charge 5 for your first two sessions (payable at your first class, so each session costs just 2.50), see what you think. Come and talk to us and ask any questions you might have about us or karate. We are more than happy to see new faces at any time of year.


 If you require any information feel free to come and see us or email:


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